Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday Check-In, Think It Is Week 11

Hey, it's Tuesday! Which is better than Monday. Although since we have a 4 day weekend coming up what with Easter being so early, it is really Wednesday, sort of.

It was beautiful up here yesterday so i walked downtown to the main library, logged in 6 miles on the pedometer. It felt terrific, but I am really tired today, not used to that. And the walk/runs are down the road a few weeks, as we are getting a lot of rain.

Eating is going well. I have my favorite 5-grain oatmeal/etc. mix in, it has barley and rye flakes and some other things, 1/2 cup dry is 130 calories and 5 grams of fiber. Lovely and filling. I am experimenting with a bit more lean protein, a bit less rice/bread. But nothing so extreme that I get all annoyed and defiant and into the granola bars.

Kashi bars are not bad, they are not very sweet (130 calories, 4 grams fiber). Apples, grapefruit, lentils and brown rice. I genuinely like all that stuff. Of course, that is not all I like, which is where things get a little tricky!

Anyway, I do want to look good this summer and as the weather gets better this seems closer in time, so I think I will be more motivated the better the weather gets.

I am going to go see how you all are doing now - hope everyone is having a good week!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Melting Snow and Sunday Blather

That's about what I have today, some blather from me, and the snow melting a bit, though hopefully not into our basement!

Oh thank you Blogger for losing my entire post! That's just fine. And it was really good too! I suppose that's what I get for deleting the whole lot last month, huh? You think I might want to make it disappear, but I didn't!

Anyway. I was trying to say that I was writing down successful meals on notecards, with calorie counts etc, and it is helping. because I go in the kitchen and I just don't know what to make, after I feed everyone else. I am just too damn hungry to think clearly I guess. Which usually means on with the masses-of-toast, unless I am prepared.

And I had better be, as we are going to visit family in the summer and I need to be a sleek streamlined version of me!

I will click old Mr Linky on Tuesday and blather on some more. I had better post this before Blogger gets hungry again and eats my post the way - the way I can eat a granola bar...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday During The Snowstorm

Hi everyone! I am still here, just in a Quaker simplicity mode. It is snowing like crazy here, it has been that kind of winter. I know that exercising outside will make me feel even better, so I am looking forward to that.

I was going to talk about using what works for me - meaning what works for me in the long run. Because this is for life, so I have to be able to stick to things.

That means balancing the fact that I can't overdo the complex carbs, with the fact that I don't really want to be eating loads of meat. I just don't like cooking meat and ideologically I am on the vegetarian side of the equation.

But having said that, I like a hamburger once in a while, and I do like a little Better Than Bacon with my Brussels sprouts - I tried soy salami with them one week and it was awful, though I do like soy salami in a sandwich.

Calorie counting also works for me. Every time I have lost weight it has been the result of calorie counting with a food diary (usually written), plus exercise - but 80% of it has been the calories. I realize that this is purely what works for me - and that's the thing, isn't it, fine-tuning a plan until it works for you. And then actually being able to - wanting to, do it for the long term.

I am thinking about writing out notecards each with the calorie count for a complete meal that I like, which would help me note things in my food diary. I went back to writing it down because I did get a little bored with Daily Plate. I still like it, but I needed a change.

Oh yeah, I will be putting links and things back on here, and pictures and so on. But it might take me a while! And thank you for all the comments, you are all really sweet and I do appreciate it so much. I will comment as much as I can, but if I didn't get to you yet please know that I am thinking of you.

Picture, yay a picture! From Wikimedia Commons, by a fellow called Hermann Kauffmann (never heard of him, but it's a nice picture!) called "Braving the Snowstorm," painted in 1889.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Random Thoughts

Nothing clever to say, which is probably just as well! I have had an uneven week, some eating was quite good, some not so (can we all say biscuit tin and Saturday night?). But I have been walking everyday, I put the pedometer on first thing in the morning, and that is good.

And I think instead of a new eating plan every week I want to write on Tuesday about working out a basic plan - based on my preferences and what has worked for me in the past - that can work for me for the rest of my life. Because I am going to have to be aware of what I eat and how much I move around, well, forever - that's a good thing, but you do get so tired of it sometimes!

So that means I have one treat per week, the dangling carrot on a stick - or maybe that's a chocolate mint on a stick, hee hee...

Less stressed today - last weekend was SO stressful. It also feels good to start a new month. I am really ready for the snow to go away, and the ice and the slush. I really want to walk/run outside, I know it will make me feel better still.

I am going to reorganize my messy desk today I think. Mess = stress for me, but I am lazy too and do not like cleaning it up! We'll see how it goes...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday Check-In

Don't remember what number week it is. I do know it is Tuesday though! Everything is a maintain around here which is fine. I skipped Daily Plate for a couple of days but logged in this morning. It is snowing (again!) - I am looking forward to the end of snow and ice so I can walk/run outside, I think I need more of that and I dislike exercise tapes - I really prefer to run around outside.

I've been kind of stressed out and tired lately but things are getting better...Thank you for all the kind and lovely comments. I will certainly be sticking around!

I deleted partly because I got really stressed out and in part that was due to Blogger just messing up and I couldn't fix it and after a couple of hours I just said, oh forget it, I can just clean it off and start over. Of course then two hours later you think now why exactly did I do that? Still, what's done is done. And this is nice, too.

Oh, and we had a family birthday here and I did not eat any brownies or chocolates, so that was good! Now I need to keep that going. That is not the weekl treat I want - I have to remember that, it has to be something I really really like, just one thing once a week.

I am going to go see how you are all doing now -

Sunday, February 24, 2008

An Explanation: Door Closes, Window Opens

Well, hello. Blogger was totally doing strange things and I got sick of it and deleted Chai in a fit of pique. I do feel piqued sometimes and this was one of them! I felt that I was not really writing much of a fitness blog really....so here's the deal. I will totally keep visiting and commenting on several of your blogs, and you are in my Google Reader so I will be there!

But I felt like this was just sort of...lagging really. And not what the HYC is about and...I am doing fine BTW, the walking, the veggies, it's all going OK. It's just that there is not a lot I feel compelled to say about it. And other work has sort of piled up and...I don;t feel I can devote the time to this that it deserves. I'll leave this up and maybe I will come back to it.

I am not saying goodbye or anything, because I will be reading your blogs! You are an amazing group of women and I am honored to know you through the internet.

Later: You know, I am going to keep this blog. And keep on writing in it when I can. I just got really frustrated with where it was going, or not going, is what I'm saying. So I want to pare it down to basics more, just check in when I can. Tell you how I'm doing. Because I'll still be doing, believe me!

I just probably won't be writing about it every day, is all.

And by the way, I love this pink template!